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Syon Bolt

Giveaway prize
5 keys
Giveaway finished on 18-04-2019
English Español

VRX Zone, in collaboration with  Rec Crack Studios will giveway 5 keys of the game Syon Bolt for Oculus. 

Follow the Steps to participate.

1 - Log in (or Register) into VRX Zone

2 - Complete the actions below to get an entry (more actions more entries)

3 - Remember to come back every day for a daily bonus (extra entry)

4 - Wait for the Giveaway to finish and check the winner.

5 - We will send an email to the winners (make sure you use a right email)

6 - The prizes will be send it to the winners by Rec Crack Studios

Syon Bolt:

As a colonial marine you have been sent to investigate the military facility just to find out that it has been overrun by an unknown enemy force. With the aid of General Winston and your combat skills, your mission is to rescue the remaining survivors and put an end to the SYON program.

VRX Zone, en colaboración Rec Crack Studios con sortea 5 keys del juego Syon Bolt para Oculus

Completa los siguientes pasos para participar:.

1 - Accede (o Regístrate) a VRX Zone.

2 - Completa las acciones descritas abajo para conseguir una participación (cuantas más acciones más participaciones).

3 - Recuerda volver todos los días para el bonus diario (una participación extra).

4 - Espera a que el Sorteo finalice y comprueba si has sido el ganador.

5 - Enviaremos un correo a los ganadores (asegurate de usar el correo correcto).

6 - Los premios serán enviados a los ganadores por Rec Crack Studios

You need to Register or Log in to be able to participate in this Giveaway (Completly Free)

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