VR Games
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Name Developer Platforms Release Date
Telefrag VR Anshar Studios Anshar Studios Oculus RiftPSVRSteamValve IndexWMR 2019/07/19
S.A.B.R.E Fire-Point Interactive Inc. Fire-Point Interactive Inc. PSVR 2019/07/23
Starblazer PRO2131 PRO2131 HTC ViveOculusSteamWMR 2018/12/21
Freediver:Triton Down Archiact Archiact Oculus RiftSteam 2019/05/30
Space Ops VR DevCube Studio DevCube Studio Oculus RiftSteamWMR 2019/05/30
Quar: Infernal Machines Steel Wool Studio Steel Wool Studio PSVR 2019/03/15
Quar: Battle for Gate 18 Steel Wool Studio Steel Wool Studio Oculus RiftSteam 2016/04/05
Bartender VR Simulator VR Factory VR Factory Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePort 2018/02/09
BoxVR FitXR FitXR Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2017/06/13
Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted Steel Wool Studio Steel Wool Studio Oculus RiftPSVRSteam 2019/05/28
Farpoint Impulse Gear Impulse Gear PSVR 2017/05/16
Beat Blaster Ivanovich Games Ivanovich Games Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2019/02/15
Operation Warcade VR Ivanovich Games Ivanovich Games Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2017/06/02
Ghost Giant Zoink AB Zoink AB PSVR 2019/04/16
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs Resolution Games Resolution Games Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2019/02/07
Human Sacrifice Tricol Co.,Ltd. Tricol Co.,Ltd. Oculus RiftSteamWMR 2019/03/20
Counter Fight: Samurai Edition Tricol Co.,Ltd. Tricol Co.,Ltd. Oculus RiftPSVRSteamWMR 2017/06/08
Counter Fight Tricol Co.,Ltd. Tricol Co.,Ltd. Oculus RiftPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2016/11/15
QuiVr Blueteak Blueteak Oculus RiftPSVRSteamWMR 2018/06/18
Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Tin Man Games Tin Man Games PSVR 2019/04/16
The Inpatient Supermassive Games Supermassive Games PSVR 2018/01/23
Skyfront VR Levity Play Levity Play OculusSteamVivePort 2019/03/08
Astro Bot Rescue Mission SIE Japan Studio SIE Japan Studio PSVR 2018/10/02
Falcon Age Outer Loop Games Outer Loop Games PSVR 2019/04/09
PokerStars VR Lucky VR Inc. Lucky VR Inc. Oculus RiftSteam 2018/11/08
Vacation Simulator Owlchemy Labs Owlchemy Labs Oculus RiftPSVRSteamWMR 2019/04/09
Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher Viva Games Viva Games PSVR 2019/04/17
Trover Saves the Universe Squanch Games Squanch Games Oculus RiftPSVRSteam 2019/05/31
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Bethesda Softworks Bethesda Softworks PSVRSteamWMR 2019/07/26
Everybody’s Golf VR Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony Interactive Entertainment PSVR 2019/05/21
Blood & Truth SIE London Studios SIE London Studios PSVR 2019/05/28
Moss Polyarc Polyarc OculusPSVRSteamVivePortWMR 2018/02/27
Transference Ubisoft Ubisoft Oculus RiftPSVR 2018/09/17
Firewall Zero Hour First Contact Entertainment First Contact Entertainment PSVR 2018/08/29
Beat Saber Beat Games Beat Games OculusOculus QuestPSVRSteam 2018/05/01
Superhot Superhot Team Superhot Team OculusPSVRSteamWMR 2016/02/25
Space Junkies Ubisoft Ubisoft Oculus RiftPSVRSteamWMR 2019/03/26
Daedalus Vertical Robot Vertical Robot Google DaydreamOculus 2017/05/11
Red Matter Vertical Robot Vertical Robot Oculus RiftPCPSVRSteam 2018/05/24
Intruders: Hide and Seek Tessera Studios Tessera Studios PSVR 2019/02/13
Name Developer Platforms Release Date